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A striking sculptural embossed hexagonal brass kaleidoscope.  This kaleidoscope is available 3 ways:  all brass, all satin nickel, and satin nickel tubing with brass fittings.


It has a side lit oil cell and a 2-mirror system.  9.5” x 1.5” and 2.5” with cell.






  is comprised of three distinct, but similar, kaleidoscopes.  9” tall and 2-1/4” in diameter.  Each scope is signed and numbered.


“Manhattan” was the initial kaleidoscope in this series and soon became a top seller.  It is reeded brass plated in satin nickel.  The fittings are polished brass.  The side-lit oil cell shows a 7-point star.


“Manhattan Sunrise” was next introduced.  This kaleidoscope is reeded brass (polished and coated) with polished brass fittings. The image in this oil cell replicates a sunrise.


“Manhattan by Moonlight” Looking like pewter, this all satin nickel reeded brass with satin nickel fittings has a polarized chamber that is vibrant.  Be sure the light comes directly into the end of this cell, created by masterful Glenn Straub, and you will simply say, “Wow.”




Corporate Gifts
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium


Introducing a dazzling new series of etched glass kaleidoscopes. 

Memories, a unique series of kaleidoscopes, was introduced in February 2007.  The kaleidoscopes are created from clear, frosted, and colored glass tubing – etched in a variety of themes and designs.  5 designs were in the initial introduction, several were limited editions.  Additional designs are being added.  You will be able to view these new designs by clicking on the thumb-nail scopes that are part of this Memories section.

Introductory designs in this series are:

*  “Angel in My Garden” – 2006 – Edition of 60

*  “Autumn Leaves”

*  “Iris and Crane” – Edition of 50

*  “Kaleidocrystals”

*  “My Best Friend” – Shown is German Shepherd, but most breeds available.

The Memories kaleidoscopes are 9.25” x 2.5” , side lit, oil cell, hand held.  Can be single or double etched.  A polarized chamber cell is also available for this kaleidoscope.


Please click on the thumbnails below to see full sized images. 


Peace Angel, 2007
Edition of 50

Angel in My Garden, 2006
Edition of 50

2007/2006 Angels

The Pharaoh

Sir David Brewster

Blue Iris & Crane
Side 1 

Blue Iris & Crane
Side 2

Iris & Crane
Side 2


Blue Koi

Golden Koi





ALWAYS” is an elegant brass kaleidoscope that stands in its own brass base.  It is available in all brass or in satin nickel with brass fittings.  Always comes with a side-lit oil cell (with a black background) and the 2-mirror system displays an 8-point star.  9-1/2” tall and

2-1/4” in diameter.   Each kaleidoscope is signed and numbered.

This is a striking kaleidoscope for office or home.








Our pets are part of our families.  They are cherished.  This glass kaleidoscope can be etched with most dog breeds.  Your dog’s name can also be etched into the glass, to make this kaleidoscope more special.


The oil cell is side lit and the kaleidoscope has a 2 mirror system.





This series of kaleidoscopes uses vintage telephones as pedestals for the kaleidoscope.  The kaleidoscope size and style is individualized to each piece.  Pictured is “Hotel Amsterdam.”  This beautiful wooden telephone comes from a hotel in Amsterdam and dates to the 1910-15 era.  Please contact me to see what styles are available.



Put Your Sweet Lips a Little Closer to the Phone









A special gift for the person who has everything…and also a passion for their favorite pastime.  This etched glass kaleidoscope has designs around the kaleidoscope. 

The Golf kaleidoscope art shows a golfer as well as the cart

The Sailing Kaleidoscope art shows a sail boat and a lighthouse.

Side lit oil cell, 2-mirror system, 9.5” x 2.5”






Glass kaleidoscopes with festive looks. 

Side lit oil cell, 2 mirror configurations, 9.5” x 2.5”




We are all citizens of the world, no matter what language we speak.   It is often said that one picture is worth a thousand words – I believe that some uni versal words are worth a thousand pictures.  In this group of kaleidoscopes, each word is etched onto the glass in a myriad of languages. 

            *  Love – is a thousand pictures

            *  Peace – is a thousand pictures

            *  Thank you – is a thousand pictures

Joy will be added to this series, and others in time.  This open edition, signed and numbered kaleidoscope is 9.5” x 2.5” and has a 2-mirror system and a side lit oil cell.  A polarized chamber is available for a slight amount.


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For years, I have wanted to etch the old masters onto brass.  Glass seemed like another natural medium to use – and these etched glass kaleidoscopes are the first in this new series.  Each kaleidoscope is a limited edition of 50, signed and numbered.

They will all come with a 2-mirror configuration and a side-lit oil cell, however, a polarizing chamber is available for a slight amount.  The hand-held kaleidoscopes are 9.5” x 2.5”.

The artists, their titled work, and where this original art can be seen are all etched onto the kaleidoscope.  Included in this first series of Old Masters:

*  Da Vinci – Mona Lisa – 1503 AD

*  Manet – LeBar aux Follies Bergere – 1882 AD

*  Marmion – A Choir of Angels – Circa 1459

*  Van Gogh – A Starry Night – 1889 AD

*  Vermeer –The Girl With The Pearl Earring – Circa 1660’s


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Representative Interior Images

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