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2007 Show Schedule

The Brewster
Kaleidoscope Society

The Brewster Kaleidoscope Society Annual Convention

Books about Kaleidoscopes



March 27, 2010 - Craft Show

Christ United Methodist Church, Bethel Park, PA


Where I Will Be Teaching
To be Announced

The Brewster Kaleidoscope Society is an international organization for kaleidoscope enthusiasts.

Named after the inventor of the kaleidoscope, Sir David Brewster, its purpose is to provide a forum for artists, collectors and retailers to promote and perpetuate kaleidoscopes as an art form.  It serves as a network linking kaleidoscope artists, collectors, and retailers.  Membership benefits include a quarterly newsletter, an annual convention, class, and much more.

There is a remarkable camaraderie among the caring and sharing members of this unique organization, and active members agree that the biggest benefit of all is the strong bonding and close friendships that are formed.

For more information or to join the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society, visit them at

Books about Kaleidoscopes

You may enjoy the following books, written by Cozy Baker, founder of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society. *

Through the Kaleidoscope”                Beechcliff Books, Maryland


Through the Kaleidoscope…

   And Beyond”                                  Beechcliff Books, Maryland


Kaleidorama”                                   Beechcliff Books, Maryland


Kaleidoscope Renaissance”               Beechcliff Books, Maryland


Kaleidoscopes:  Wonders of

   Wonder”                                         C & T Publishing, California


“Kaleidoscope Artistry”                      C & T Publishing, California

*  Most titles are out of print, but if you are patient, you may
    find them on E-Bay or Amazon.com.  They are a must for
    the collector’s library.


The Kaleidoscope Collector’s Guide:  A guide to the artists, works, descriptions, and pricing of fine, collectible kaleidoscopes”

Edited by Mary Margaret Gibson             www.mirrorsandlight.com

This book is written for the person who creates, enjoys,
collects, buys and sells, teaches, and researches kaleidoscopes,
but, most of all, for the collector.”





June 11 - 13, 2010

Santa Clara, CA

Contact Mary Theresa Boll, at 740.352.2310    mboll@adelphia.net to register or if you have any questions.
The BKS has members who are kaleidoscope artists, galleries and shoppes selling kaleidoscopes,  kaleidoscope collectors, and welcome new members and guests to the convention.





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